Record Attendance of Staff / Employees

Purpose of this Form?

  • Add Attendance - with IN and OUT time
  • View Today's Attendance
  • Edit Today's Attendance

Limitation (for Data safety and consistency)

  • Only Today's Attendance can be Added / Edited. Any other day's attendance cannot be added or edited.
  • Attendance of a person cannot be entered 2 times on same day. You will get an error while doing so when you save or close the form.

Did you know?

  • The person who has Added / Edited the attendance record will be captured automatically.

Best practice

Designate a Staff who will record attendance in Jamku. Also assign another person who will record attendance in absence of the 1st person designated. These designated person will mark the attendace as and when a staff come to Office in Morning.
Inform other Staff / Users to not to add / edit attendance. If they still do, you will come to know as their name will appear as person who edited the record.


  • After entering one record, For faster data entry, press ALT + N to save the existing record and start entering new. As you save the record, the list in right hand side will update.
  • To alter attendance, press PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN on keyboard to come to 

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