Attention / Reminder

Add Reminder to remind you as soon as you login into Jamku. Create Future date reminder, which appears when the date comes.

Purpose of this Form?

  • Add Attention aka Reminder
  • View List of Attentions which are not Completed

 From where you can get to this Form

  • Home > Attention Tab > New Attention
  • Double Click on Attention list on Client or Group Report
  • Double Click on Attention list in Home > Attention Tab

When I double Click in Attention List in Client / Group Report, I see blank

This is because, you are not tagged to that Attention. Only Staff tagged to that Attention can view details and Edit Attention.

Who can see and Edit this data?

Unlike Tasks, which can be edited by anyone. Attention is personal to that Staff. Only the Staff who is tagged to that particular Attention can edit that Attention and View details in this form.
But, if the attention is Open i.e. not marked as complete, then it will appear in the Attention Tab of Client and Group Report.

Using Attention for reminding you at future date.

Attention Form by default picks up Today's date as Created Date for attention. Hence the attention starts showing form today itself in Home > Attention Tab > Attention List.
However, if you want that particular attention to start  appearing at future date, then instead of today date, in "Created Date" enter the future date.
For Example : Today (1st Jan 2015) you have applied for Company Name Registration form in ROC. It takes say suppose 15 days to get reply from ROC whether the company name is available or not. If you want to be reminded about this to check if the reply has come or not, just Add a new Attention with "Created Date" as 15th Jan 2015. Now when you login into Jamku, on 1st Jan to 14th Jan, you will not see this attention in Home. But when you login on 15th Jan or any other date after 15th, it will start appearing until marked complete.


  • Want to Mark Attention as complete, Just Double Click  to open. Press ALT + C to mark it complete. Don't forget to press Ctrl + S to Save 
  • When on the Attention Form, press ALT + N to create new Attention.
  • On the Right side, you see list of all attention which are tagged to you which are not Complete.
  • If the Form is un-filtered, clicking on the Attention name in the list of Attention on Right, will take you to that Attention to edit and View Details. Thus without going to another form, you can view and edit other other Attentions.

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