Tasks is heart if the Office Management.
All the work assigned to Staff / Articles is Entered in Task. Task gives Compliance report.

Examples of Task: Situations where Task will be created
  1.  Income Tax Return Filling for AY 14-15
  2. Provisional Balance Sheet to be prepared
  3. Stock Audit
  4. Accounting for FY 13-14
  5. PAN Card Application
  6. VAT Registration
Above list gives Idea of for what reasons / Types a Task is created. To facilitate faster data entry and to make Task Names consistent, We have Task List, where all the Services provided to Clients are entered.

Tasks helps to track, what kind of Services are being provided to Clients. Client Group Report, will show all the tasks which are performed for the Clients in that group. Thus giving a holistic view of what all services are provided to Client.
Billing info is added per Task, Thus the user who does billing of Client, will get entire info as to
  • Hrs Invested in completing the Task
  • Cost of these Hrs invested
Task has 3 Different view
  • Task Data Entry - For all Staff
  • Verify Task - For managers (i.e. Staff with Admin Role)
  • Task Billing - For Partners / Office Billing Dept (i.e. Staff with Billing Role)

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