Task Billing

Billing information is added / edited from this form

Purpose of this form?

  • Add / Modify Billing info
  • Make task Editable / UN-Editable 
  • See info on : Cost of Hrs invested in task selected and Hrs invested

Who can access this Form?

Only users will Billing Role can access this Form

When task is marked as Un-Editable who can edit?

No one can edit task, not even Billing Role users. Billing Role users will need to come to this form and enable Editing, to be able to edit.


  • When you mark task as "Billed" or "Fee Received" then Jamku will automatically fill in in the date column with Today's Date. You can however change this date.
  • Pressing ALT + B will mark Task as billed.
  • ALT + R will take you to Task Form of the Task open.

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