Create Staff / Employee

Staff data is managed from this form. New Staff can be added here.

Purpose of this Form?

  • Add New Staff
  • Deactivate Staff who have left organization
  • Assign authority - Admin Role and Billing Role
  • Change Password

Who can access this form?

Staff with Admin Role can access this form from Home > Settings Tab

What are the different types of Roles / Authority / Access Permission

  • Normal User - No Special Role assigned (Default)
  • Admin Role
  • Billing Role  
Admin Role is for Managers / Senior Staff in Office. If a user is assigned Admin Role, he can have these additional authority which are not available to Normal Users.
Billing Role is for Partners and Staff  who handles billing in organization. If a user is assigned Billing Role, he will have these additional Authority which are not available to Admin as well as Normal users. (Billing role can be assigned, without assigning Admin Role, It is however recommended that  all users who are assigned Billing Roles are also assigned Admin Role)
  • View Billing aspect of Tasks
  • Add / Modify Billing Details 
  • Assign Billing Role to other Staff
  • Add / View / Modify Cost recovery information of Staff


  • If a Staff leaves job, UN-Mark user from Active. This disables the user from login into Software.


At least keep one user who has be assigned Admin role and Billing role. If care is not taken, then no user will be able to assign these role to others and will lock down the features available to the Admin Role and Billing Role. If this happens, you will have to contact Support Team at Madrecha Solutions.

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