Login Form

When you open the Software, this is the first screen after the Splash Screen of your Office Name

Jamku Office Management Login Screen
Login Screen


  • Just enter first few characters of your User Name (i.e. Staff Name) and press Tab
  • Enter password and press enter to Login into Jamku
  • In case you accidentally opened Jamku, Close Login Form to cancel login and then close Access to exit from Jamku


If your software licence is about to expire, you will get a Message box saying "Licence is about to Expire". This happens 30 days in advance of the Licence Expiry. The Software license info turns Red.
Once the licence expires, you will not be able to Login into Jamku. Hence always renew licence in advance. When you renew your license a new file is sent to your via email and you have to replace the existing file with new one.


If Jamku cannot connect with the Database File, when you click on Down Arrow key on "Staff Name", you will get an error message stating, the StaffTbl not found. This    

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